Maleficent Beauty Secrets - flash game

Fullscreen mode

Mouse Control

Hello ladies! Meet the gorgeous Maleficent in this new fun game we have for you! This gorgeous little lady has a few beauty tips and tricks up her sleeve and she is going to show you her daily beauty routine. Pay attention and join her for some fun. In the first level you will have to complete the steps for the facial treatment, but first you will have to find all the necessary items. Some of them might be in the closet and in the drawers so look everywhere until you find all of them! The clock is ticking and depending on how fast you complete the steps you will receive a better score. For each of the steps you will receive a hint, in the left corner of the screen. So hurry before the time runs out. Maleficent will look gorgeous after you will help her with the facial treatment, but the real challenge is to help her with the clothes, accessories, makeup and hairstyle.