Office Strike - html5 game

Fullscreen mode

TAB - Pause Menu W,S,A,D, Arrows - Move LMB - Fire RMB - Aim 1,2,3,4,5,5,6 - Weapon Change F - Weapon Pick Up R - Reload Weapon C - Crouch LEFT SHIFT - Run SPACE - Jump LEFT CTRL - Prone T - Chat/Enter - Send P - Fullscreen

In this shooter two girl teams fight for supremacy in the office. Feel yourself in the shoes of an office worker! The battles can take place in 4's different offices with a breakable interior. In addition to the standard set of weapons, even sharp splinters of the destroyed items can become weapon. Also You can find the secret buttons with office functions. Choose which of the girl teams you will play: for the 'Dominators" or for the 'Office's' team!