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Lead a fantasy mercenary company through a treacherous world of conflict and calamity! In Kanpani Girls you’ll command of a group of warrior-women battling for gold, glory, and renown. Success will require you to manage your earnings wisely: only a skilled captain can rise from middling merchant to full-blown Lord of War. Hire freelance adventures to fill your ranks, build workshops to produce magical items, then take your team onto the field to face down dark magicians and hideous monsters of legend. Character Design by "Non", "Tsugumi Runa", "Osamu", "Okaza Kioka", and other talented artists. Music and sounds for the game by Kenji Ito. Voices by Satou Rina ("Rose") , Itou Shizuka ("Zigrette" ), as well as many other talented actresses such as Nabatame Hitomi, Gotou Mai and Fujimura Ayumi.